Invenio Community

Meet users and developers
How to contact us?

Are you using Invenio or would you like to explore a possibility of whether it would fit your use case? Please ask us anything at or join our community mailing lists.

info at

We heavily use Gitter to communicate among developers. Our main channel is inveniosoftware but we have many other per-repository channels for specific topics. Feel free to join uppass by and ask questions.

Invenio Developer Forum

Monday afternoons at 16:00 CET/CEST time we meet physically at CERN and virtually over videoconference to discuss interesting development topics.

You can join our Monday forums from anywhere via videoconference. Here the steps:

  1. Install the videoconferencing client Vidyo.
  2. Join our virtual room.

Invenio User Group Workshop

We meet among Invenio users and developers from around the world at yearly Invenio User Group Workshop. The workshop consists of a series of presentations, tutorials, practical exercises, and discussions on topics related to Invenio digital library management and development. We exchange knowledge and experiences and drive forward the forthcoming developments of the Invenio platform.

Looking for cloud hosting and/or commercial support?

TIND is a CERN spin-off company offering commercial services around Invenio platform, including cloud hosting and custom feature development.