Congratulations! Your team has just joined the InvenioRDM open source project and is eager to contribute as much as possible. With a mixture of dedicated developers, resource curators, subject matter experts, and various leadership stakeholders, your team simply needs to know about the available resources and how to get started. Read on!


Whether you would like to install and customize InvenioRDM, contribute on the main project sprints, or take on development of a module locally to contribute back to the project, there are a few important points of entry to participation:

  • Roadmap: Familiarize yourself with the overall project timeline and goals. Stable releases will be made through Summer 2021 on a monthly basis

  • Development Roadmap: Get to know the specific milestones for 2021

  • Sprintboard: See the planning board for the current sprint

  • Documentation: Read the official project documentation

  • Discord: Ask questions in the project Discord (chat/video platform) and introduce yourself in either the general or newcomers-help channels. A daily developer standup takes place on Discord at 15:15 UTC

  • Discourse: Want to provide feedback, but in a less time-sensitive manner than a chat? Either join or start a thread in the Discourse discussion forum

  • Development Setup: Install a development version

  • Development Workflows: Learn about the development workflows used

Community Members

All stakeholders at your institution are welcome to contribute to InvenioRDM, whether their contribution is code-based or not. To create a tool to best serve the community, outlining stakeholder requirements will be vital:

  • Demo site: Access the latest sandbox version of InvenioRDM here. Create an account to test record creation

  • Discourse: Provide feedback on testing here. Use the Feedback category or start a new thread wherever you like

  • Metadata Interest Group: This is the first community-focused group organized to help support the InvenioRDM development effort. This group meets about once/month and discusses issues related to the InvenioRDM Metadata Model. To join, either make a post on the Discourse thread or in this dedicated Discord channel

  • Conference Calendar: Are you presenting on InvenioRDM at an upcoming conference? Make a note here so other interested members of the community can attend the session, or perhaps join your poster or presentation effort

  • Welcome, Help and General Questions: Reach out to Community Manager Sara Gonzales via Discord for general questions or to join the Metadata Interest Group

  • Schedule a Demo: Is your site, or a site you know, considering implementing InvenioRDM? Reach out to Community Manager Sara Gonzales via Discord to schedule a one-hour demo and information session about the repository


  • Project list-serv: Lars will have shared this email address with you upon joining the team. This is the frontline communication tool for the InvenioRDM community. Make this email address a safe sender to receive the latest updates on teleconferences (a.k.a. telecons) and community-based information such as invitations to the Metadata Interest Group meetings. Polls, forms, and additional community tools will be sent to this list-serv

  • Telecons (see the list-serv for connection information): All partners of the InvenioRDM community are invited to bi-weekly telecons throughout the year. One telecon per month will focus on development updates, and the other will focus on community-based topics

  • InvenioRDM Telecon Schedule 2021

  • Blog: You are reading it! The blog will also alternate between development-based and community-based topics. Would you like to contribute a blog post? Sign up here or contact Sara to get on the schedule

  • Code of Conduct

  • Governance

Welcome to the team, and happy collaborating!