Invenio legacy releases

Invenio 1.x and 2.x release series
Invenio 1.x
Status: Invenio v1.x has reached end-of-life and will not receive any further updates.

Invenio 1.2.2 is the last stable release from the old Invenio legacy technology code base. If you have been using one of previous Invenio versions, it is recommended to upgrade to this version. New users should start with Invenio v3 directly.

If you would like to check out Invenio 1.2 locally, we recommend to use Docker:

$ docker pull tiborsimko/invenio:1.2.2 $ docker run -i -t --rm -p 80:80 -p 443:443 tiborsimko/invenio:1.2.2 $ firefox

If you need to work on Invenio 1.2 legacy code base, we recommend to use Vagrant:

$ git clone -b maint-1.2 $ cd invenio $ for file in $(git ls-files); do \   sed -i -E 's,invenio-?,,g' $file; \   done $ vagrant up && vagrant ssh web web> source .inveniorc web> /vagrant/scripts/ web> /vagrant/scripts/ $ firefox

Important note: Invenio 1.2 legacy installation and demo site assets that were previously living under have been moved to another location. Therefore you will need to run the above for ... do sed ... done shell command in order to replace these URLs by the new location before you start working with Invenio 1.2 legacy code base.

For more information on Invenio 1.2 release series, please see the old installation guide as well as the user, administrator and developer documentation bundled with each release tarball.

If you have questions about Invenio 1.2 release series, please use our chat room.

Invenio 2.x
Status: Invenio v2.x has reached end-of-life and will not receive any further updates.

Invenio 2.0 and 2.1 release series was transitional releases combining the old Invenio 1.2 legacy code base with the new technology stack, paving the way towards the Invenio v3.0 release. We do not recommend using them and we advise to start with the final Invenio v3 directly.