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A first version of InvenioILS deployed at CERN.


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InvenioILS provides a data model based on JSON Schema with structured bibliographic records such as Documents, Series, Items, Electronic Items and more.


The circulation workflow is configurable and extensible. Manage patrons requests and loans with simple clicks. Use the available dashboards to quickly have an overview of the tasks to perform.

Acquisition and ILL

Simple acquisition and interlibrary loans modules to keep track of newly obtained items.

Powerful backoffice

Easy to use backoffice tools including lists, search tools and details of each bibliographic record; as well as a simple management of the circulation workflow.

Modern UI

A beautiful UI built with users in mind to make it easy to find content and loan books.


Use REST APIs to retrieve or ingest content and easily integrate with other systems.

The Best of Open Source
InvenioILS relies on Invenio Framework's core which uses some of the world's top open source products

Elasticsearch is an extremely fast JSON-native distributed search engine supporting anything from full-text to geospatial queries.

PostgreSQL or MySQL

PostgreSQL and MySQL are powerful relational databases with JSON-support as well as a strong reputation for reliability, robustness, and performance.


Invenio is built using Python 3, the Flask micro web framework and a suite of the best community-built Python libraries.


InvenioILS UIs are built using React, the well-known JavaScript library.