Follow our current, near-term and future plans.

Our roadmap helps us share what the Invenio community is working on next and the direction that we’re taking Invenio. The roadmap is meant to open a practical dialogue on the direction of Invenio, and the roadmap may be subject to change both on the near-term and future plans based on feedback.


A team actively works on this now


Deposit Bundle

Refactoring of the Invenio-Deposit module.

The deposit module is being refactored as part of the InvenioRDM project.


InvenioRDM Flavour

Invenio Research Data Management (RDM) system based on Zenodo.

Funded via the CERN Knowledge Transfer Fund and collaborating institutes.

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A Modern Integrated Library System.

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Statistics Bundle

Document and prepare final releases of the following modules:

  • Invenio-Stats
  • Invenio-Queues
  • COUNTER-Robots

Internationalization (I18N)

  • Translate all v3.0 Invenio modules into at least one other language.
  • Develop translation workflow into package release process.


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COAR Next Generation Repositories (NGR)


(with Japan National Institute of Informatics)


Data Citation Roadmap for Scholarly Data Repositories

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Who is implementing the roadmap?

Invenio development is being led by CERN with contributions from institutions and individuals from all over the world.

Every 3 months, CERN runs one to two 2-weeks development sprints dedicated to part of the above roadmap. Overall, this roughly amounts to 1 FTE (full-time equivalent) per year plus the Invenio Product Manager.

In addition, new modules/features, enhancements, security fixes, etc. are being developed every day by teams at CERN and elsewhere.